University of Connecticut

Greater Hartford



The University of Connecticut Police Department, under the administration of its chief police, is charged with a number of critical areas of responsibility relating to safety and security on campus for its student body, employees, and visitors to the campus.

The Police Department is established pursuant to section 10a-142 of Connecticut General Statutes as an ‘organized police department’ with the same authority and responsibility as any municipal police department within the State of Connecticut. Its complement of sworn officers are all state employees and graduates of the Municipal Police Training Academy.

The Hartford Sub Station of the University of Connecticut Police Department is located on the Law School Campus. The Sub Station also has officers assigned to the Undergraduate Campus and Graduate School of Social Work situated several miles away in West Hartford. Due to the urban setting, officers at the Hartford Sub Station work very closely with the local police departments and staff a community policing program focused particularly on undergraduate students at the West Hartford Campus. In addition to their normal law enforcement function, officers also assist the public with vehicle unlocks and late night student escorts.